Jocelyn Gonzales

Jocelyn Gonzales is an independent audio producer and educator in New York City. Go to for more info.

She is a full-time faculty member of the sound design department at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and serves as Head of Freshmen Production, managing students and faculty in photography, audio production and animation courses. She previously served as a Tisch advisor and internship coordinator for the award-winning campus radio station, WNYU AM/FM.

Jocelyn is the technical director and a producer for Feet In Two Worlds, an award-winning ethnic journalism project that trains and mentors reporters in multimedia and social reporting. She provides equipment training, script support, studio direction and mixing assistance to FI2W reporters and fellows. She co-produces the Feet in Two Worlds podcast.

Former producer of the NYT Tech Talk podcast for The New York Times, Jocelyn now produces the NY Times Music Popcast, NY Times Book Review and Times Insider podcasts. Jocelyn helped manage the 2014 launch of the Soundworks podcast network for PRI Public Radio International, which included the podcasts Sideshow from Studio 360; One with Farai, Radio Ambulante: Unscripted and The World in Words. She is working with Headstepper Media, a digital production company that develops new audio/video content for web and mobile.

Jocelyn was an Associate Producer and then freelance contributor for the long-running arts and culture program Studio 360. She went on to produce WNYC Radio special series such as Dish with Ed Levine, Now Hear This! hosted by They Might Be Giants' John Flansburgh, and The Conversation with Danyel Smith. As an independent radio reporter and producer, her work has appeared on Studio 360, WNYC New York Public Radio, Soundcheck, Marketplace, Weekend America, Sound Money, Radiolab, Musicians Radio on XM Satellite, Ear Studio, Minnesota Public Radio, Pop Tech Jam and Re:Sound.

Jocelyn was an audiobook recording engineer, editor and studio production manager for Simon & Schuster Audio and worked on hundreds of titles by authors such as Stephen King, Don DeLillo, Stephen Ambrose, Frank McCourt, James Lee Burke, and Ethan Coen. She produced and directed several S&S audiobooks including "Skinny Women Are Evil" by Mo'Nique; "How to Get Rich" by Donald Trump; "Getting to Yes" by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton; and "Not Even for Love" by Sandra Brown. Prior to that, she worked in broadcast and satellite services for ABC Radio Networks and helped produce hour-long radio dramas for Artistic Director Marjorie Van Halteren at The Radio Stage.

In 2009, Jocelyn was a co-producer of the MMiX Festival of Interactive Music Technology, a four day event at Theaterlab NYC, exploring the use of emerging audio technologies in live musical performance. The festival featured a diverse roster of artists working with traditional instruments and laptop technology, interactive sound projects, software giveaways and workshops in Ableton LIVE and Max for LIVE. She is a content producer for Peppergreen Media, which produces Tilted Axes, International Strange Music Day, In Key and other live musical events. Jocelyn has presented at media workshops and class sessions for FI2W, NYU Abu Dhabi, NYS Youth Leadership Council, School of Visual Arts, CORO Immigrant Civic Leadership Program, YouTube Next Labs, and the AIR Full Spectrum Storytelling Intensive at Union Docs.


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